Outside My Comfort Zone #11

Hiya all!

It's time to see what's in store this fortnight! Becky picked the challenge and said this:

So the next OMCZ challenge is to be set by me, I thought long and hard about it, I had a few ideas ideas floating around but there was one that stood out more than others to me....so the theme is: Breaking a Fashion Rule/s

How you interpret this is up to you, it could be something us fat ladies shouldn't do or just a fashion no no in general. I like this idea as we are always being told about the 'fashion rules' but where did they actually come from, who sets these rules and why do they get to tell us what we shouldn't wear, so I say let's give two fingers to the 'fashion police' and show that breaking the rules can be all kinds of right.

So, breaking the rules of what fat bodies aren't supposed to wear or do.

Horizontal stripes. Check.
Leggings as trousers. Check.
Fat arms out. Check.
VBO on display. Check.
No fucks given.

Eat your hearts out Charlie's Angels!

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Outfit details:

Top, fat swap
Leggings, oh you can find black leggings bloody everywhere
Brooch, Bexhill Museum I had a brain fart! De La Warr Pavilion. See Etsy store for the seller here.

Minimal make up, no shoes, too hot. Meh. #dying. This fat girl can't cope in the heat. Never have been able to, even when I was a wee slip of a thing. I think it's the Scottish in me. I love the sunshine but hate the heat. Go figure!

Do you break the fashion 'rules'? Do you even care about them? (I mean everyone here, not just fats.)

Thanks for peeking! Have a great day.

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