Famous cosmetics Beyonce shimmer brick

Hello mi' lovelies!

I have another cracking product to show you from Famous today. 

This stuff gives a high impact glow. I use it as blush and highlight. I love glowy cheeks and if you do too you'll love these bricks. They're like a cheaper version of Bobby Brown's shimmer bricks, which are about £30+ each. If you're a matte blusher kind of person, this will possibly make you want to run to the hills. I intend to go to my grave head to toe in shimmer, so I love these beauties.

You get 7.5g for £6.49 but there are always half price deals on at Famous. Currently you can get the shimmer bricks for £3.25 in yet another half price deal. There are 4 varieties. This one is the Beyonce shimmer brick and is made up of shades of pink. The compact it comes in is mirrored and closes with a satisfying click.

Let's have a close up of that swatch shot. Glowy!

I thought I'd show you this - I'm currently using a Shimmer Brick from Famous from before they relaunched/renamed/repackaged, which was a couple of years ago. I use it almost every day and have done so for months and I haven't hit pan yet. Here it is, still going strong after a lot of use. I think this one (just called 'Pink' before the rebrand) is now called the Mariah palette.

It has been taken with me on numerous trips and been thrown in and out of make up bags with not so much a crack in the product or the packaging. I hope the new shimmer bricks hold up as well.

I have another one of these to show you, called the Rihanna palette, which I will do soon. As to uses of these palettes, it's not just your face you can glam up. Use a huge fluffy blusher or foundation brush and use it to add some light-catching sparkle to any exposed parts of you on a night out - your collarbones (if you can see yours, I can't!), shoulders or across your boobs. 

Are you team GLOW or team NO?

Thanks for reading!

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