Month in photos - June

Hiya loves,

It's Instagram photo catch up time! Get yourselves a cuppa and a biscuit.

 Sea view//mah face//Sleek lip gloss from Lip4 palette//neighbour's cat lounging.

Alsation on the beach//sunkissed me//James soaking up the sun//Jurassic looking cliffs.

Yoga face//sunset x 2 //Sleek Acid palette colours.

Dangly earrings//sunset//Sleek orange lipstick//freshly henna'd hair.

Clothes for fat swap//hotel room//relaxing//car face.

Brooch from Lolly Likes//a bar in Leeds//fat swap face//Black Hearts Creatives necklaces.

W7 matte lips//OPI goodies//Barry M mani//sofa face.

Rules//innocent face//remembering an old friend//fat power!

Magazine freebies//lost the top of my head//tiny fake tan glove//Barry M goodies.

Purple face//Instagram excitement//sunset//Die Hard 5.

Channelling Peg Bundy//sunset x 2//Barry M mani.

I always think I've not been up to much, but when I scroll through my Instagram photos it tells a different story.

Thanks for peeking.

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