Personal - Family time #1

Hiya lovelies,

Last weekend my dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and niece came to visit us. They arrived on Friday afternoon all full of beans and happy to see us. My dad and aunt haven't had a holiday in years so a weekend by the sea was something they were really looking forward to.

We went to our local pub for eats and drinks on Friday evening. It's a little gem down the end of our road and we'll be sure to go back again now we know how lovely the people who run it are.

C and I in the pub

On Saturday we went off into Hastings so C could go on the beach. She was really excited about the beach. The great thing about having visitors is we get to do touristy things in our own town. It was a lovely sunny day and we stopped off at lots of shops on the way then enjoyed a few hours on the beach. It got a bit too cold and windy, at which point we went to Yates's for lunch. We met a psychic in the pub - a little old lady with one eye. She sat down next down to us and fixated on my uncle. She knew lots of things about him, like he was an Aquarius and he had a younger woman. At first we thought she was a bit batshit, but as time went on we saw she was spot on.

C looking pretty in her dress

Me on the beach

My lunch

My dad in the pub

C with a mouth full of cherry tomatoes

My aunt and cousin snuggling up

On Saturday evening we had a Chinese, which my uncle treated us all to. On Sunday morning we went to our local pub again. You may have sensed a theme by now - my family likes a good drink!

We had a lovely time together. James and I were really sorry to see everyone go on Sunday afternoon. My family are all happy, positive people who know how to have a good time and love to laugh, so we had loads of fun together. They're all so generous we struggled to spend £20 on food and drink all weekend! They all want to buy the drinks and won't take no for an answer. We got 4 numbers on the lottery on Saturday so we gave them some money (which no one wanted to take at first) to buy themselves lunch with on Sunday.

Any worries I had about looking after a house full of people were needless - my aunt and cousin barged me out of the kitchen at one point and took over. Happy days!

They're coming down to visit us again in August and we can't wait. I'm so blessed we have brilliant family on both sides.

In my next blog I'll talk about the 5 days we spent in Dorset this week.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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