Visiting fat blogger babes and family


Last weekend hub-features and I popped up to Barnsley to stay with the lovely Rebs and her hub-features. We were there to celebrate another friend Lisa's birthday. We met everyone at the fat swap (after months of talking online) a few weeks ago so it was good to meet up again.

We left on Thursday evening and stayed overnight in a hotel north of the M25 to avoid horrible Friday gridlock. We always break up our journey on the outgoing trip so it feels like more of an adventure. We headed off to Barnsley fresh as daisies early on Friday afternoon and arrived at Rebs's about 5pm after a leisurely lunch in Worksop, where I picked up some funky gold shoes in Matalan.

Lisa and Rachel were already at Rebs's so PARTY TIME! We started drinking soon afterwards, and when the men folk left to go to a gig, we went out to get a Chinese and some more alcohol. We played drinking games and took a lot of our clothes off as it was hot as balls.

Rachel getting to grips with a cardboard copper


Me and Ken Barlow. What AM I doing with my mouth?!



I use Instaport to download my Insta photos and vids but the download of videos is in beta on Instaport (not quite ready) so they come out like fast paced gifs. It's a shame to miss the audio but hey ho, they still give you the gist.


In this one Rachel is giving me a hug. We were quite pickled by this time!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Sheffield Botanical Gardens for a picnic, which is absolutely divine - a tropical paradise. It was slightly cooler than it had been recently so it was perfect weather for being outside. We just lazed about on the grass eating, talking and being stared at continuously by some douchey blokes nearby who thought a few fat people hanging out together were hilarious. Twats. Did we let it spoil our fun? Nope. Lisa even jiggled her belly at them. :D

I had no idea Sheffield is so green and lush. I'd love to go back again and explore it more. Thanks to Rebs for putting us up.


After we left Sheffield we headed for home but James decided we could pop in on my aunt who lives a couple of minutes away from the M25 in Kent. We couldn't get through to her on the phone so we just turned up. We didn't know if we'd be able to stay overnight or if we'd just pop in and leave later. Everyone was so pleased to see us and we ended up staying until Sunday evening. When my dad came home a few hours after we arrived on Saturday James and I hid in my aunt's bedroom. I tip-toed into the living room and tapped my dad on the shoulder as he had his back to me. I did it hard so he'd think it was my cousin Martin. He said 'Yeah?!' moodily then turned around and saw me and James and had the biggest smile on his face. It was so lovely! I gave him a big hug and a kiss.

My dad after he came in from work

Sunday lunch, which was gorgeous!
My cousin M, and hubby
My cousin S
C showing off her new front teeth

C has started saying something really funny. My family are a bunch of mickey takers and we're always threatening to punch each other. C has taken to saying 'Don't you hurt my Leah!' if anyone says anything. It's hilarious, more so because she's so serious about it, including an accusatory finger when she says it. My cousin Sara decided to tell C that I was 'HER Leah!' to which C argued 'NO-OOOOOOO. She's MY Leah!' Bless her!

My dad, aunt, uncle, both cousins and C are coming to visit this coming weekend, so it'll be another mad house! I can't wait.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you get up to?

Thanks for reading!

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