St Clements OOTD

Hello hot stuff!

Oranges and lemons
Say the bells of St Clements

Here is a summery outfit inspired by Louise at Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, who uses colour brilliantly.

This dress may look red but it's a lovely coral shade.

You know, I'm very aware of doing the same sorts of poses all the time. I need some Naomi Campbell in my life.

This dress is lovely, but it's really thin and you can see my bra through it, hence the cardi. I need a white t-shirt bra. Me and bras do NOT get on, so I don't want to buy another one just yet. I would seriously gaffer tape my boobs up if I could! Underwired bras last all of 3 months, if I'm lucky. Non underwired bras give me the side boobs from hell. What's a gal to do?! Keep moaning by the look of it, hahaha!

Dress, £20 Simply Be sale (I can't see it on the site any more though.)
Leggings, Very
Shoes, Very
Cardi, fat swap

Now I've seen what big polka dots look like, I really want a red dress like this so I can pretend to be Minnie Mouse. That's a legitimate wish for a woman who's 39, right?!

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