Things I am enjoying right now

Hello earthlings!

Things I am liking/loving.


Ray Donovan goes out on Saturday nights on Sky Atlantic and it's chuffing great. I find myself fancying the arse off of Liev Schreiber, which is new to me as previously I thought he looked like an alien, but he's a bit of a headcase in the show and I can't help but like complex men.

The show is violent and unpredictable and has a great cast. Well worth a watch. The first episode was on Saturday just gone. I recommend having a wee peek if you have a gap in your viewing schedule. It's on again tonight, people!


I am currently loving the unseasonably hot weather. There is nothing I like as much as a sweaty bum crack and a musty underboob odour. Being cool and dry is for wimps. Only being wet with sweat and attracting small flies is desirable these days, dontcha know? I can't wait for more days out and about where it feels like I've gone for a jog in a bin bag.


Look, he totally stiffed Michael Jackson when he interviewed him all those years ago but he has redeemed himself in my eyes. Watch:


Source - Bionaire

This behemoth is about 2 feet wide. It's like a jet engine. My favourite thing is bending over it and drying myself after a wash. So much so that the other day I was bent over it like a downhill skier (as you do) in the nude, air drying my lady places. It was joyous, so much so I made a Monica Seles-like grunt of appreciation, at which point I noticed my neighbour, (who was in the garden below on a ladder trimming his large bush) incline his head slightly in my direction. Said neighbour was in my line of sight, which meant it's entirely possible he saw me and my falula squatted over the fan. Happy days. All I could do was hunker down closer to the fan and laugh.


Since I've been a sick person I've really started to consider the chemicals I put into and onto my body. I want to try out these natural hair care recipes.


This makes sense to me.

IF I had lost weight and someone commented on it, wouldn't it be the coolest thing ever not to gush about how 'gross' I was before (as seems to be the 1st commandment of dieting) but to say 'I rocked before, and I rock now, but thanks for noticing my body has changed in size!' It might be food for thought anyway for the commenter, pardon the pun.


I've been obsessed with my eyebrows from a young age and have never yet mastered my brows. They say your eyebrows should be sisters and not twins, but like I said about this subject on Twitter some weeks ago, one of mine is definitely adopted!! One is higher and rounder than the other and one is thicker. I go between spending ages poring over a mirror or studiously avoiding one, depending on how my brows are going. Don't even start me on how often I have to wax away my bastard monobrow. This tutorial on how to fill your eyebrows in is magnificent.

*OK, I was joking about summer. Actually I am enjoying the ability to dry my washing in my sun room in about 2 hours flat. I love the sunshine and am enjoying turning a tiny bit browner, even though I studiously avoid the outside, you know, because there are people out there an' all.

Tell me what you're enjoying! Is there anything more glorious than airing your fadge out over a fan?! What other delights help you stay cool?

Thanks for reading.

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