LRD (Little Red Dress)

Hiya pickles!

As many of you will know I won a competition from New Look at Christmastime to win a £12 voucher every month of the year. This month I put my voucher towards another twin pack of skater dresses in red and black. The other one from this twin pack is black and I already have a black one from a black/pink 2 pack so I'm going to tie bleach t'other one.

The dresses are really stretchy jersey and feel really comfortable. The only drawback they do have (other than being quite thin, but that's lovely at the moment with the hot weather!) is they aren't fitted enough at the sides of the bust so they're gappy around the armpits. If you have bigger boobs than me this might not be a problem. I wear cardis with most things so it doesn't show. I might put a couple of stitches in them to gather them into spare me the indignity of having baggy armpits.

I love red, and don't know why I don't have more of it in my wardrobe so I'm happy to have a red dress.

Hair flower, New Look
Dress, from pack of 2 New Look £17.99
Cardi, Primark (old)
Cropped leggings, Very
Shoes, Asda (old)

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