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Hello loves!

We got back on Friday from five days away in Dorset. We had a lovely time away with James's parents, my brother- and sister-in-law and baby E. We had a caravan each (per couple) but met up every day in James's parents' caravan to play Cluedo or have a few drinks.

We stayed in Charmouth, which is famous for the amount of fossils which have been found there. We popped into Weymouth on the way to Charmouth on Monday for a flying visit and had day trips to Lyme Regis, and Bridport. We found a lovely little pub called the Clock House Inn in Chideock, which did great food and had lovely helpful staff who adored E.

I discovered I'm an absolute natural with E and can get her to settle down easily when she's crying. By the end of the week she was getting passed to me rather often. ;)

Onto the photos. We took the DSLR but because I was so lifeless the whole time I only used Instagram. These are a selection, there are more on my Instagram.

Weymouth beach has actual SAND on it!

The prom

The caravan

Me, E and ma in law

Party time in July as we're all mad

Little miss cutie pie

An old skool mosaic in Lyme Regis

This house had an ancient water collection system in place


A lovely house in Lyme Regis facing the beach


Advice I took! Someone died here in a rockfall.

Mum and son

The cliffs at Charmouth

My new best friend

A last look at Dorset before we left for home

We had an amazing time in Dorset - good food, good company and lots of sunshine. We only had one bad weather day, which was Tuesday, the rest of the time was sweltering. We spent a lot of time in pubs eating and drinking, which was rather nice after a long walk exploring. It was lovely to spend more time with James's brother, my sister-in-law and baby E.

There was a down side to our time away. I'm in a Fibromyalgia flare up, which means I'm extra tired and in quite a bit of pain. My period arrived the day before we left, followed swiftly by a stomach bug. The stomach bug finally calmed down after 24 hours which meant by Tuesday I only had my period (with howling ovarian cyst pain) and Fibro flare up to deal with. I had a long siesta every day to help me cope.

Tuesday evening was spent round James's mum and dad's caravan, having a couple of drinks and cheese on toast. A couple of hours later we went back to our caravan, and I laid flat on the end of the bed for about a minute as I was too tired to move all the way up the bed. Quick as a flash acid reflux shot up into my mouth, burning my throat out. I didn't know until I googled it, but our stomachs contain hydrochloric acid which helps to digest our food. When that stuff comes gushing all the way up, it does a lot of damage. On Wednesday I had to eat and drink (of course) so my throat got infected. Since then I've been coughing up dark green phlegm and feel like I have the flu. My face aches, my ears ache, my limbs ache deep down, my throat is red raw, I'm sneezing, I can't breathe or sleep properly and generally I feel like shit. I didn't realise that acid reflux could do so much damage.

In a way it's good the acid came up while I was awake this time, as it's happened twice before in my sleep and I had no idea what caused it. All I knew before was I woke up with a red raw throat and felt like crap for a week afterwards both times. Now I can make dietary changes because I do not want to feel like this ever again. The symptoms following acid reflux are horrible and I shall be doing my all to stop myself from going through it again.

I had fun despite all that was going on, especially when I was fussing over E. It was a struggle to be social sometimes and the days we did long walks exhausted me. It made me realise how much James has stepped up in recent times. He was so good. He unloaded the whole car (which was chock full) on Monday when we arrived in Charmouth and fetched and carried for me all week so I could rest as much as possible, then loaded up the whole car again on Friday. He's getting some extra snoo snoo for that....when I have the energy. ;)

Have you been on holiday or are you going anywhere this year?

Thanks for reading.

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