Hotties of The Hobbit

Hiya loves.

I'm a proud LOTR/The Hobbit geek. I've seen all of the films at the cinema, sometimes more than once. I have seen The Fellowship of the Ring approximately 300 times and know vast swathes of the dialogue. I've got the extended box set of the Trilogy and will buy the same if they release it for The Hobbit. I'm a total geek when it comes to Tolkein told by Peter Jackson.

Disclaimer: I think I'm on heat. This post may or may not be sponsored by Tena Lady.

Of course a big bonus to the visual splendour of the films is the long haired hotties. In the LOTR trilogy, Aragorn was my homeslice. In The Hobbit there are SO many hotties to excite my eyeballs, but primarily this hobbit. His face does funny things to my vagina. Seriously - there's a distinct tingle. Kili played by Aidan 'Fanny Tingler' Turner.

If I were ever to stare this magnificence in the face I think I'd lose the ability to speak, talk and breathe, and I'd probably dribble a bit. You just would, wouldn't you? Must. Stop. Looking.

I've also fallen hard for Legolas again. His eyes are a different colour in The Hobbit series than they were in LOTR, and he looks all the hotter for it. More fanny tingles. Orlando Bloom as Legolas.

He can point his bow in my direction any time.

A new character in The Desolation of Smaug is Bard, who also fell down the handsome tree hitting every branch on the way. Luke Evans as Bard the bowman. Another one who can set me all a quiver with just a look. Ooft. Steer your boat into my harbour, oh captain!

Another blondie. He can park his thorny crown at the end of my bed any night of the week. Lee Pace as King Thranduil.

Magnificent eyebrows. I'll even iron his dress if he asks nicely.

Last but not least for the men folk, Thorin Oakenshield. I hope he wouldn't give me splinters.

Ooft. Strong brows, strong nose and a sexy Northern accent. Come to mama.

I'm equal opportunities so have a bit of Tauriel, as played by Evangeline Lilly. She kicks arse.

Who's your favourite hottie in The Hobbit series?

Thanks for reading.

I'm off to look at photos of Maggie Thatcher so I can stop thinking about Aidan Turner. Mild tingles still. I may need therapy.

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