MUA Luxe lip velvets in Reckless, Criminal, Kooky

Hello honey buns!

Never have I been so conflicted about a product. I wrote about these MUA Luxe lip velvets about a month ago and I've changed my mind about them about 3 times since then. I'm still conflicted.

When I first got them I LOVED them because they were new and cheap (I'm easily pleased) but as time went on I realised a few drawbacks.

The next 3 photos are taken with flash.




Firstly, they're £3, which is very reasonable for such bold colours. They last a long time on the outer lips, but wear in the centre of the lips when you eat or drink. The product is slightly thick and gloopy in the case of Reckless and Criminal and this means it's difficult to shape the lips correctly without making a mistake. Using a fine lip brush dipped in the product from the doe foot applicator it comes with may be an idea for precise application. Kooky applies most smoothly of the three as it's less thick and gloopy. Because the product is SO long wearing, when you do make a mistake you need to have a good make up remover at hand with a cotton bud to clean up straight away or it will NOT budge, and if you're not careful you run the risk of smearing the rest of your lips as you clear the mistake. I have done this a few times and then had to cover it up with concealer.

The product takes a minute or so to dry, and you have to wait with your lips parted or else they will stick together like you have PVA glue on them. I've done it and it's really not pretty! There's no discernible scent from a distance, but if you sniff the tube it smells faintly like an alcohol wipe. For just £3 there's no surprise they didn't add a scent. And now I come to the biggest downfall with these lip colours. When you want to remove them it gets ugly. They're very hard to remove from the outer area of your lips. I end up with product smeared all over my face and have to use a huge amount of make up remover to do so. From the nose down I end up covered in smeared lipstick.

How do they feel on? OK. Dry, matte obviously, but not too uncomfortable. You might have a problem if you have very dry lips, though. Because of the nature of the product I don't think it's suitable to go directly over lip balm, but a slick of balm half an hour beforehand so it can soak in probably won't harm.

Because of the wear from the centre of the lips and the mess they make when you want to remove them I can't give them a resounding approval, but they do look good when they're on if you're not eating and drinking. CONFLICT! I wouldn't say rush out and buy them, but I would say if you have a spare £3, try one and see what you think. Of the three I have, I think Kooky would be the only one I would repurchase, both because of the formula and the unusual colour. Purple lipsticks tend to be very patchy overall, so I'm pleased to have a good purple in my stash.

For me, their best use is to put them on at home when I have plenty of time for a precise application, and to wear them out for a couple of hours when I know I won't be eating and drinking. I don't personally think it's the kind of product you'd want to cart around for repeat applications, due to the care you need to take.

Have you tried these and if so, what do you make of them?

Thanks for reading.

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