Two things you NEED to know if you read my blog

Hiya lovelies! Happy Saturday.

1. Bloglovin has decided to unfollow a huge amount of the blogs I was following. I don't use the Google reader to read blogs any more, just Bloglovin, so it's been a major pain in the flange! I've been re-adding blogs as I think of them, but if you know I normally comment on your blog and haven't been doing so recently, you now know why! Please comment with your blog link so I can check I'm following you! Thanks. Also, new blogs (to me) feel free to leave me your link in the comments. I'm always looking for new blogs to follow.

2. Commenting on my blog with Disqus. I know a couple of people have told me my blog is too much hassle to comment on, and it got me thinking. As you may know, I use the Disqus comment system on my blog because it's a far superior system compared to Blogger's own. If you register with Disqus, then you have a log in and password so it literally takes two seconds to submit a comment on my blog, or any other Disqus-run blog. Every time - from a mobile, a pc, laptop or a tablet.

(Read on for the difference between guest commenters and registered commenters - it will explain why you might not have been informed of my replies.)

How to register with Disqus.

Then put in your email address, choose a username and a password and bingo!

Hit create account and you're done. You can save your username and password to your pc/laptop/tablet/phone if you so desire and then commenting on ANY blog which uses Disqus is a cinch from now on.

I had an account with Disqus so I could comment on Disqus-run blogs FAR before I wanted to use Disqus on my own blog. Likewise I have an account on Wordpress so I can comment on blogs who use Wordpress. It makes commenting so much easier than filling out your details everrrrrrrry time.

If you use the 'guest' function to comment on Disqus blogs, you will NEVER get an email notification that your comment has been replied to. If you create an account, every time you get a reply on a Disqus blog you will get an email to let you know. It's such a hugely beneficial way to keep up conversations, both as a blogger and a blog reader.

Some people blog and don't read, some people read and don't blog, but I do both. I LOVE being able to carry on conversations with my readers on my blog, and as a reader I love knowing when someone has replied to my comment. Who has time to keep going back to blogs to see if you've replied to?! No one!

So if you want to comment easily on my blog and want emails when I've replied to you, GO REGISTER! :)

I'm not being paid for this but I should be. ;)

Have a fantabulous weekend! We'll be going out somewhere today so we can take outfit photos.

Thought, questions? Have at it in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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