OMCZ 24 - Keeping it casual

Hello lovelies!

This fortnight's theme was chosen by Natalie, who said: "I always love seeing everyone looking lovely in their outfits but what do you wear when you are lounging around at home? Are you an all day pj girl or do you still keep it glam?"

It varies. Sometimes I might be in something casual all day with no make up on and my hair in a pony tail, or I might have a dress on with my eyebrows on point and red lippy on.

I recently bought some new jammies from Yours Clothing after seeing them on the lovely Lolly's blog so I thought I'd show them here today. As soon as I saw the print I did a big squee and since I had a bit of Christmas money left it was serendipitous.

The print is lipsticks and nail polish. How adorable! The PJ bottoms are £12 and the top is £10. They're made from a lovely soft cotton. The bottoms have a hot pink ribbon drawstring waist. A tip - tie a couple of knots in the ends of the ribbon. I showed hubby just how big the trousers are by stretching the waist out and the ribbon ends got lost inside the waistband. I spent about 15 minutes pulling them out. Only me, eh?!

I think they kinda look like hospital scrubs. I look cute!

I'm looking for pockets here and there are none!

I'm wearing a 34/36 in both top and bottoms to allow for shrinkage as they're made out of t-shirt material which tends to shrink over time, especially when you bung the tumble dryer on for too long (which seems to be my speciality.) Hubby's t shirts are starting to look like crop tops, hahaha. Also the top is longer, the sleeves are longer and the neckline is lower because of the oversize fit, and I will wear it as a t shirt too because it's too good not to wear alll the time. I always go at least 2 sizes up with lazy lounge wear. I like to feel the breeze, maaaan.

I took these photos as the sun was going down so there's a golden glow to the photos I like, especially the way it makes my hair look fiery.

Pyjama top and bottoms, Yours Clothing (nightie also available.)
Slippers, Primark (last year.)

What do you wear when you're hanging about the house?
Thanks for reading.

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