About Love EVERY Body 3

Hello lovelies!

The third Love EVERY Body assignment is due on Sunday 2nd Feb, and this month our focus is on shoulders, arms and hands.

Think of the things you can do with your arms - hug people, cook, do your make up, do crafts, lift your kids etc - as well as the physical attributes like strength, softness etc. Feel free to include photos of tattoos, freckles, stretch marks, or anything else you want to share with us, but remember all the wonderful things you can do with your arms and hands is more important than the way they look. 

Here's a video where I talk about the third assignment, and also about posting on the day the assignment is due, if possible. I think some of the late posters are missing out on the buzz which happens on the Sunday the post is due, so I suggest that if you are going to post late (which can't be helped sometimes) let me know when your post is up so I can tweet about it and let the others know. When posts go up days or weeks late you're not going to get as much love on your post as you would if you posted it on the Sunday. I just want your posts to be commented on.

Anyway, listen to me waffle and let your eyes feast on Mr Momoa! ;)

Any questions?

I look forward to seeing your posts when they go up.

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