Pour Moi? 'Imogen Rose' lingerie

Hello pickles!

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a competition on Hanna's blog and my prize was some Pour Moi? lingerie. 

Due to the Christmas post and an unfortunate mix up in the warehouse, I only got my underwear 2 days ago. I'd kind of given up hope of receiving my prize, but Hanna was fabulous in dealing with Pour Moi? directly throughout and we were in regular contact.

Want to see my spoils?! Of course you do! :)

I chose the Imogen Rose set in skin as I love skin tone undies for regular wear and Imogen Rose is the name of a perfume from Lush which I love. Don't judge me. ;)

The bra (£23) is a 44F and the knickers (£12) are a size 22. The knickers (I can't bring myself to say the word 'panties' without wanting to be sick in my mouth) actually fit me because they're extremely stretchy. I generally wear a 26-28 in knickers, for reference.

Eagle eyed readers may know I usually wear a 44 or 46E bra, but because the largest back size Pour Moi do is a 44 I sized up in the cup to compensate and it's a perfect fit. I have bra extenders in case a bra is particularly un-stretchy (the Goddess Kayla bras I wear aren't very stretchy in the back at all) but there's no need with the Imogen Rose bra as it's got quite a lot of give.

Because the uppermost third of the bra is lace I had to be very careful when adjusting my boobs into place. I don't know what your method of sorting out your lady lumps is, but when I put a bra on I do the back up, pull the straps up (and adjust if necessary) then lean forward to lift and plonk each boob into place whilst holding the top of the cup up with the other hand. When I did it with this bra holding onto the lace at the top there was a moment where I thought it might tear, so if you have heavy boobs like me adjust the girls with care. :) My Goddess bras are so sturdy I'm used to chucking my boobs in with abandon. Obviously lace needs more care, so next time I'll be more careful.

I love the little rose details on the bra and knickers, and the little 'peek a boo' detail in the back of the knickers is very cute too. The bra comes in back sizes 32-44 and up to a J cup, and the knickers come in sizes 10-22 (although some of them aren't showing on the website at the moment because they're out of stock.) They come in skin, white, black and slate, a dark grey.

Do you like matching sets? Would anyone like to see these modelled by moi? Sorry, I couldn't resist!

When I modelled these for hubs he gasped and said 'Matching underwear!' so I think that's a bit of a clue that I need to indulge a bit more often.

Thanks for reading.

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