New Look red sale dress OOTD

Hiya loves!

Hubby bought me this dress from the New Look sale. It was only £9 and is a size 26.

I don't know if it's vanity sizing or not but I wear a couple of sizes smaller in New Look clothes than other companies, like Simply Be. I can't wear a 26 in Simply Be. It's hard to know what size I am when it varies from place to place and garment to garment. Oh well, c'est la fat vie!

The cardigan was bought from Just For 5 Pounds and I it's sold out now. Things go quickly at just a fiver. The cardigan is originally from the US, from Lane Bryant. It has cute wooden buttons.

Dress, New Look. Sold out, check stores or similar here for £23.
Cardi, Just For 5 Pounds.
Leggings, Matalan.
Necklace, Extreme Largeness.
Rose ring, Debenhams (old.)
Bow headband, New Look (last year.)
Espadrilles, Matalan (last year.)

I can't help myself - red and leopard print go together like sunshine and smiles. Every time I wear something red I look to pair it with some leopard print.

Tell me - whatever size you are - what are your clothing woes? Other pet hates of mine are hanky hems and bubble hems. Just ugh.

Thanks for reading.

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