New Look biker jacket OOTD

Hello petals!

Late on Friday night I was feeling a bit down and scheduled a post where I said I was really missing a boost and wanted two things - a sunny day and to wake up early enough to enjoy it. Saturday dawned and it was a bright sunny day and I woke up early, feeling refreshed. I don't know if you believe in cosmic ordering, but sometimes if you dare to ask you get. I used it to find us the perfect flat at the perfect price and it worked. It's a way of drawing positive energy into your life. Don't ask, don't get. :)

We went along to Pevensey near Eastbourne for a walk to moo at cows and then onto the beach. It was a bit chilly but not bitingly so, so I wore my new sale purchase from New Look - a biker jacket which was £24. I was surprised when it arrived because I thought it was faux leather but it's real leather. It was £65 originally so I got a right bargain.

Disclaimer: bad hair day. Also: squinting-into-sun face. I swear after a couple of months of not seeing sunshine in the UK we all get the eyes of a mole.

OF COURSE hubby took a cheeky bum shot!

Show me the way to Amarillo

I picked up this miscreant on the beach ;)


I love the reflections in his sunnies

Jacket, New Look
Dress, New Look (past season.)
Leggings, Simply Be
Boots, Fashion World* available in various widths and calf fittings
Scarf, eBay

Have a couple of bonus shots of my face.

Then I came home and did allll the things. I hope we have more sunny days as I come alive on them, there's no simpler way to put it. I'm solar powered! Hahaha.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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