Recent Kindle reads & Kind of Book

Hiya all!

Here are a few recent Kindle reads and my next book up.

In Rude Health is a very brief read (probably an hour or so at my speed-reading pace) and it was bloody hilarious. Sex toys up bums and all other kinds of things. I nearly woke hubby up in bed because I was laughing so hard.

Similarly, I love a bit of Jeff. In Burning Wire a maniac is using electricity to fritz people. I absolutely LOVE the Lincoln Rhyme series. I've grown up with him. He feels like almost like a part of my family.

The Kill Room is a whodunnit with a side order of US Government conspiracy.

My next read up is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I get a glut of Kindle books for cheap or free from Kind of Book, which the lovely Louise kindly told me about. It's a service which collates 14 free or very cheap books daily from the UK Amazon website. If you have a Kindle and you're in the UK you NEED to sign up to their daily emails because it'll save you so much money. The reason you need to sign up to the daily emails is because the bargains are very time sensitive. All you have to do is click through the links from your email and it takes you right to the Amazon page for the book.

I have 160 books on my Kindle, of which probably 2/3 were free. The most I've ever spent on a book through Kind of Book is £1.99. It has opened me up to so many new authors, including Gillian Flynn, and dozens more I need to start working my way through. I read a LOT more now I have a Kindle and wish I'd got one a long time ago. For disabled people like me (with poor arm strength) they are invaluable.

Do you read much? Have you got a Kindle?

Thanks for reading... ;)

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