Love EVERY Body #2 - From the neck up

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to post a day early in case anyone who's struggling for things to say can have a read of my post before they write their own. The rest of the posts are due Sunday.
It's part 2 of this challenge and today's post is about everything north of the neck and all it encompasses - face shape, facial features, voice, freckles, dimples, teeth, hair, and also our brains, the things that make us US.

I don't know if people told me I was pretty when I was young, but I've always felt pretty. If I think about my facial characteristics I *could* choose to look at the negatives and make my opinion from that, but I don't.
I have a nose which is long and quite witchy in profile, and it has a lump near the bridge of my nose from a childhood break. I'm nearly 40, so there are eye bags coming, but I choose not to focus on it because being miserable (making myself miserable) is no fun. I have a few chipped teeth from an ex partner smacking me in the gob, and the rest of them are a bit wonky as my childhood dentist couldn't be arsed to put a brace on, but oh well. What are wonky teeth or a lumpy nose compared to a good heart? (Or a heart trying to be good.) Nothing!

My face, I like that shit, even with a lumpy nose.
So, things I like:

  • my hair, even though it's going grey at an alarming rate and I can't dye it funky colours any more (allergies!)
  • my freckles, which are dead cute and multiply madly in summer
  • my smile, even though I have wonky teeth - everyone looks better with a smile!
  • my brain, because it makes me ME in a zillion different ways and that's to be celebrated
  • my laugh, which is as filthy as!
  • my eyes, which are a lovely hazel with flecks of gold
  • my eyelashes, which are long (but stubbornly straight!)
  • my eyebrows, because I've spent approximately 3 months of my life tending to them
  • my cheekbones, which are somewhat buried under squidge but are there
  • my ears, for hearing music and lovely words from my family and friends
  • my eyes to see all the beauty in this world
  • my mouth for talking, kissing and eating
  • my nose to smell lovely things like my husband's neck when I nuzzle him or some lovely perfume, or food cooking
  • my labret piercing
Things I'm working on liking:
  • my double chins - love them on other people, not so keen on them on me, but they feel so soft so I'm learning to love them
  • my wonk nose
  • my wonk teeth
  • my eye bags
  • my lips, which are quite thin unless I trout pout (which is why I often do pout!)
No one is perfect and it's clear there are far more things I like about myself than dislike, so that's what I think about. I've picked the things I like about myself out of thin air with no real thought at all, so I'm sure there are loads more things I could add to the list with a bit more thought.

I hope when I read your posts you like a lot of things about yourself too, but if you can't, I know the wonderful little community we're building will help you see the wonderful things there are about you.

Thanks for reading.

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