Fatshion February day 16 - animal passion


I'm a fierce leopard, dontcha know?

Apologies for the whacked out saturation of these photos. I stood in actual daylight (gasp!) which bleached out my face so much I nearly wasn't here at all, and had to darken things somewhat. I'm not complaining about daylight though, it's a precious commodity around these parts.

In the spirit of disclosure, here's my bloated belly. I have IBS and ovarian cysts cause bloating, too. My upper abdomen under my boobs is rock hard most of the time, and it'd be easy for me to be mistaken as heavily pregnant on the worst bloat days. I long for the days when my tits were more prominent than my stomach! I think that was the case last about 2007. ;)

This is day 8 of 14 of black dress days (I challenged myself to wear the same dress 14 different ways as a part of Fatshion February) and I'm wearing a skirt over the top as you can see. I love maxi skirts - you can wear them as dresses or skirts, and this Primark skirt (size 20 and it's still roomy enough for me and then some) is a beaut!

Onyx earrings, ma & pa in law
Dress, New Look Inspire
Clutch, Tesco (old.)
Skirt, Primark (last year.)
Belt, ASOS Curve 
Shoes, Matalan (last year.)

I've really got a thing for gold shoes and accessories at the moment. I can't really wear heels at all because of my knee injury and weak Fibro ankles but I might see if I can come across some fancier gold shoes than these espadrilles. This outfit would've been topped off with nicer shoes, I think!

What's your 'go to' colour for matching accessories? Mine used to be black as it goes with errrthang but I'm trying to cram as much colour into my life as possible lately.

Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday!

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