Tiaras, glasses, rad portraits & Love EVERY Body

Hello lovelies!

This is a post full of all my news.

Firstly, I had my eyes tested yesterday and have picked these bobby dazzlers by French Connection. You can't see it in the photo but they're purple. I fancied a change of style as I'd been wearing little square glasses for about 10 years. The lady who helped me and hubby pick our frames was an absolute gem.

Specsavers, whoo! I have a strange potato face going on here :)

Rachele - uber babe and talented person has immortalised me in art and I couldn't be happier! Look at me. :)

You can get your own rad portrait - all ages/genders/sexualities - and whatever interests float your boat Rachele will capture it perfectly and there's a fab 20% discount below! Tell her I sent you. ;)


Do you have a tiara? Do you want to be involved in a tiara selfie post? On this Sat 1st March I'll be posting my tiara selfie. The idea behind it came about when I said on one of my posts a couple of weeks ago that when I was getting married 2 years ago at first I didn't think I could wear a tiara. I thought 'Fat girls can't wear tiaras.' What a pile of shit! I didn't feel special enough to wear a tiara. EVERYONE should feel special enough to wear a tiara, and not just us ladies either. If it's good enough for Elton, I want to see fellas in tiaras too! ;) I was thinking of doing a post just for myself, then Nikki said we should all post tiara selfies and an idea was born!

Thankfully I had a good chat with myself back then and decided I WAS special enough to wear a tiara, and now I have two. If you blog and want to take a selfie (or whole outfit post) with your tiara feel free to post it on March 1st, and if you don't blog but feel TIARA FABULOUS then feel free to email me at blog.justmeleah@gmail.com and I'll post your photos along with my post.


Our 4th Love EVERY Body post is due on Sunday March 2nd.

The theme this month is:
March 2014 Assignment #4 - Chest/boobs. Are you happy with your chest/boobs? Maybe you've had surgery (mastectomy/boob job.) Maybe you feel your boobs are too big or too small, or less than perky from breast feeding, but they're perfect as they are. I don't expect naked boobie shots, but I might put a photo in of my cleavage!

This is a bit of a scary one (even for me!) but run with it and feel to diversify and educate - for example are you passionate about breast self checks? Have you lost a loved one to breast cancer (male or female - male breast cancer is a killer, too.) What do your boobs mean to you - a symbol of femininity, or a source of backache? For our sole man Flo, feel free to talk about how you feel about your chest from a male perspective - I'd love to hear it.

What's new with you?

Thanks for reading!

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