Bloggers' day out with Mookie


Yesterday the lovely Mookie and her hubby came down to visit hubby and I on the south east coast. We had a mini clothes swap before we left for town. The coat I'm wearing in these photos was given to me by Mookie and is fabulous. I'll be doing some outfit posts coming up with the other things she gave me.

We went to a garden in St Leonards which is lush and beautiful. It was already raining in sheets and gusting heavily by this point. You can see how windy it was from our hair in some of these photos! Later on when we were each standing on one leg (my hair-brained idea!) two ladies walking past were peeing themselves laughing at us trying to stand up in the wind, which only made us laugh even more.

Here are some photos which Mike took.

After this we drove to Hastings town centre to park the cars ready for the short walk to Old Town. On the way there we had the 'umbrella incident'. We'd offered Mike and Mookie an umbrella, which Mike tried to put up with hilarious results. He put it up and there was a huge gust of wind literally a second later and all the fabric blew off down the road leaving a bemused Mike with a handle and a set of spokes. Mookie, James and I were all doubled up with laughter and Mike couldn't believe his eyes. I wished we'd been filming it because it would've been great for YouTube.

We arrived at the pub looking like drowned rats but soon warmed up in a lovely pub called the Pump House. They do gorgeous food at a good price and it has a really cosy feel about it. Here are a few photos from Instagram: Mike & Mookie in the pub//My lunch (which was divine!)//Us sheltering in an underpass from the weather.

When we were on the way back from the pub to the town centre the wind and rain were so bad it was hard to walk. We were all walking leaning forward as it was impossible to make any headway walking normally. My eyes were streaming from the cold and I could barely breathe. The weather was appalling but Mookie and I giggled throughout the whole day. It's only a bit of weather, after all.

Mookie wears:
Dress, TK Maxx
Tights, Big Bloomers Company
Coat & Boots, Simply Be

I'm wearing:
Coat, New Look
Dress, ASOS Curve
Leggings, Pink Clove

This makes my first outfit of Fatshion February. Yes I'm a day behind, I'll do an extra post to catch up.

You can read Mookie's post about our day here.

Thanks for reading!

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