Fatshion Feb day 22 Blue paisley dress

Hello cute faces!

Say hello to my bad hair day!

I had my hair in a pony tail and took it down and it did that weird sticky-out thing.

Because you're worth it *SWISH*

I'm wearing the Lime Crime lip velvet in Suedeberry here.

I don't know why it is, but when I'm pre menstrual I ALWAYS hack at my fringe, and my hand-eye coordination is even more whack than usual at that most delicate time of the month. It always results in a horribly crooked fringe, but it doesn't put me off. Every month. I spent about half an hour earlier gently snipping away to restore order. Mind you, I come from a long line of fringe-butcherers. My mum cut right through my eyebrow once (seriously, she did!) when she was chopping my forehead curtains, and I'm sure her mum probably fucked her hair up too. Really, I'm doing the world a favour by not reproducing. Remind me to share some photos of my childhood hair don'ts. (They are definitely hair DON'TS instead of hair do's.)

I've hacked away at my fringe again now. This is the before.

I'm wearing a New Look dress Mookie gave me a few weeks ago. It's lovely and lightweight. I don't wear blue nearly often enough. Sorry all this stuff is as old as balls.

Cardi, Evans (old as balls.)
Dress, New Look (past season.)
Leggings, Very
Shoes, Dr Marten - check eBay or Amazon as they're always cheaper there.

I love my DM dolly shoes but don't wear them much on the blog any more. I've got a lot more shoes now than when I started blogging and I tend to wear the pretty ones more often, but when I know I'm going to do a fair bit of walking I wear my trusty DMs. They protect my dodgy achilles heel. For a rock chick I've never had a pair of DM boots! It's a sacrilege.

Happy Saturday!

I hope you have a good weekend whatever you do. I'm having my eyes tested this weekend. New glasses, whoo!

Thanks for reading.

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