Love EVERY Body #4 Chest

Hello love bugs!

This assignment isn't due until Sunday 2nd but I'm posting early should any of you be struggling about what to say.

It's assignment 4 of LEB and this month we focus on a part of the body which can be a subject of much emotion in those who have them. Whatever you call them - boobs, tits, jugs, jubblies, bristols, baps, norks, bangers, shirt potatoes, ad infinitum. But we have a fella in the challenge too, let's not forget, so let's call it a chest and have done. :)

How do I feel about my chest? I've got an all right rack, they look all right in a bra and are a decent size for the rest of my body (E cup.) They're slightly widely spaced which means I need some kind of miracle bra to squish them together to give me a proper 'bum crack' cleavage, but I'm quite happy to give them a squidge together myself or let the hubface cop a feel. I love the way they change before my periods - they get bigger and feel softer, more grab-able. The skin on them is really soft at the best of times and I'll often touch the skin there. It's like velvet.
My view

I had a scare with my boobs when I was 15 or 16, but it turned out to be a harmless cyst. It was very painful while it lasted but dispersed. For a good deal of my life I was insecure about my boobs - I only saw perfect ones on TV and had no idea they all came in different shapes and sizes, so mine fell short in comparison. With the advent of the internet and Tumblr in particular I've seen all kinds of boobs and it has made me realise mine are perfectly ordinary. Fellas always liked my boobs, even if I didn't, but it's how we see ourselves which matters most. I never really thought I had big boobs either until a few people said I did. Sometimes my lack of self awareness is alarming!
I seem to like boob selfies in this dress. :) Random butterfly confetti too.

Being in possession of a pair of tits is handy sometimes (getting served first in a pub, for example) and a chore at other times, for example when some dickhead makes a comment about them. The first time a bloke commented on my tits, I was 14. FOURTEEN. I was crossing a road and a nearby workman shouted 'Nice tits!' I'd like to find that man and smash my elbow into his nose.

I like to show off a little cleavage, but not all of it - I don't like it when people's eyes glaze over. In my last job I turned up at work in a low cut dress once and my boss had a long conversation with my tits until I popped out and bought some safety pins from the nearest chemist to make it more modest. Really it would've been nice if he could control himself. Such is life! On the other hand I don't like clothes which totally cover my boobs up. I suppose in a way I feel more feminine if there's a hint of cleavage, although the shape of my boobs is always discernible anyway.

I do worry about breast cancer, even though there's no history of it in my family (thankfully.) I'm prone to fatty lumps (I have one about the size of a grape in my arm, and a couple of other smaller ones) and although I don't regularly check my boobs (I know I should do it religiously) if I were to find a lump I'd go to the docs and get it checked out right away just to be on the safe side.

I suppose I'm quite happy with my boobs overall. They make me feel feminine, I like honking them, hubby likes grabbing them, they give me a nice shape and aside from some pain when I'm due on, they're all good. If I was asked what the favourite parts of my body are, my boobs would come in the top 3. They're not something I think about much, apart from in this assignment! They're just there.

I don't worry about my boobs sagging as I get older at all. It's natural they might lose a bit of perkiness, but who cares? If my tits stay this size it's inevitable they might go a bit south, especially as I take my bra off as soon as possible every day. ;) Ageing happens and it's just another shitty thing women are supposed to worry about - how screwable we're considered as we age. Well eff off, no one stays 20 forever.

If I could change anything it'd be the sensitivity of my nips - on a cold day I could cut glass with them and they really hurt. TMI, sorrynotsorry!

I look forward to seeing how everyone else feels about their chests.

Thanks for reading!

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