Fatshion Feb day 28 - Be your own queen

Hello lovelies!

Here's the final outfit of the month. It's no great shakes in the grand scheme of things, but there's a reason for that. I'm wearing a tiara, and there's a reason for that too. ;)

Clothes are lovely and they can make us feel great about ourselves, but pretty clothes wear YOU if you're not feeling comfortable in yourself. If you have attitude, you can wear anything and make it look great. This outfit is no great shakes at all, but I'm glowing and I think I look good. I might be biased though. ;)

You have to be your own queen and try not to let society's demanding standards of beauty get to you. When you give up striving to be society's version of perfect and learn you're fine as you are, that's confidence no amount of naysayers can shake. I know society's narrow view of beauty is a load of bullshit and I'm not trying to be anyone's idea of beautiful except my own. Know your worth and hold your head high and you can wear anything, no matter what size you are. Your confidence, your beauty, your happiness - those things aren't dependant on size. At all.

The tiara in this outfit post ties in with the 'be your own queen' message and also ties in with a tiara post myself and a few other bloggers are posting tomorrow at noon. Feel free to join in if you'd like, and if you don't blog you can email me a photo for inclusion tomorrow, or for a tiara post which will be happening at a later date. Hashtag #tiarafabulous on Twitter. Everyone deserves to feel tiara fabulous, no matter what.

Detail on the shrug

I have a message to anyone who suggests you're not fabulous just the way you are.

Tiara, made by my friend Sarah
Dress, old Very
Shrug, old Very
Shoes, old Evans

I'll be wearing a different tiara tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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