January in photos

Greetings earth dwellers!

I thought it was about time I bored you all to tears again with tiny pictures of my life last month. ;)

Face on fire//face with makeup = better//sunset
It's true//Some kind of salady thing with grated carrot, not cheese :D//moar quotes
Tin foil glitter nail polish removal trick// Yup//uber duckface

Bexhill seafront//la mer//beautiful beach shelter
My fave new toy from Aldi//face gunk from Aldi//more gunk from Aldi - cruelty free gunk at that
My brother//fooooooooood//my dad pulling a face

Face mask time//I'm on a mission to eat less meat//a salad - gotta get my 5 a day
More veggies//another goddamn salad - I'm growing bunny ears and teeth//my faysche
The cutest cat in the whole world//the cakes hubby calls 'booby cakes'//Ayup

And that, my friends, is that.

As you can see January consisted of salads, vegetable things, booby cakes, a shitload of stuff from Aldi, lots of quotes, a cute cat I want to kidnap, and lots of red lipstick.

What will February's Instaphotos hold? Gasp - the intrigue! Hold onto your britches!

Thanks for looking.

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