Fatshion Feb day 25 - Dotty Dollhouse

Hello loves,

Today I'm sporting a frilly/dotty combo with an old polka dot top from Evans and my Domino Dollhouse skirt. This was a quickly put together choice but it works, especially because of the little polka dot bows on my shoes.

When I was working I shopped in Evans a lot. It was just Evans or Simply Be for years, and that was it for me. It's only in the last 5 years or so that I've branched out to lots of other websites. Because my money isn't my own any more I stick to much cheaper shops than Evans these days, but they're still really good for the occasional item, and what I already have from them last well and seems quite well made. Except their bras. Their bras really suck.

I can't believe I put this skirt into my blog sale a while ago. I'm glad no one wanted to buy it!

Wet hair don't care!

Top, old Evans
Skirt, Domino Dollhouse
Shoes, old Evans

Because it's been lighter in the evenings, hubby has been able to take my photos when he comes home from work (if I haven't already done them) rather than me using the tripod and self timer. It works out well because I take way too many photos when I use the timer, and he has no truck with spending ages behind the camera so it's a swift operation for both of us. ;)

Also, Stefanie won the Drown Soda giveaway and has been informed.

Thanks for reading!

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