A FOTD & how I take my DSLR selfies

Hello earthlings!

I was looking back through last month's make up photos when I realised I hadn't posted these photos of a look I did with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I can't remember exactly what I used on my eyes. I *think* I'm using Liar over the main part of my lid, Buzz on my lower eyelid and Darkside in the outer corners and blended out.

Brows - Fashionista
Eyes - Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
Liquid eyeliner - VIVO Plum
Mascara - Soap & Glory Thick & Fast
Foundation - Fashionista Luminous foundation in Nude - this foundation is amazing and is £3!
Contour/blusher - Dainty Doll Money Talks blusher - old product, might turn up in discount stores
Lippie - MUA Luxe lip velvet in Criminal

You can see the green in my eyes in this one

Necklace, Black Heart Creatives
Hat, Primark (old.)

I take my make up selfies with flash 90% of the time because we lack complexion-flattering sunlight in the UK for most of the year. I have quite rosy cheeks and I like the lightening effect that using flash close up gives. That's why they use a shitfucktonne of bright lights on professional photography shoots. It's all about the light, daaaahlink! It masks minor imperfections and gives skin a bit of 'oomph' that it might otherwise lack in the dismal grey light we get here most of the time. Flash can wash out the intensity of my make up sometimes, but I'm a vain bitch so I'll take that over looking ragged (and I usually slap on extra make up to account for that.) I usually use the AV setting on my camera (aperture value) and set it to a low aperture like 4.5 so anything in the background is very blurry and my face is the main focus. Vain fo lyfe! Of course, on a sunny day I'll be searching out the real stuff, but we don't get too much of that. ;)

Do you use flash or natural light for your make up selfies?

Thanks for reading.

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