Fatshion Feb Day 8 - Walking the dog OOTD

Hello lovelies!

I don't have a dog, but if I did this'd be the kind of thing I'd wear for it. :) This is a bit different for me as it's very VBO but here we go. Ooh, that rhymes!

Let's start off with a shot of my arse, shall we?! :)

Hat, New Look
Coat, New Look via Mookie
Jumper, Sainsburys last year
Jeans c/o Fashion World
Boots c/o Fashion World

These jeans are the full bum fit, which are a Godsend for me because of my big bubble bum. Before jeans used to gape at the waist, then fall down all the time which made me really sore from constantly pulling them up. These fit me perfectly on the waist and the bum.

I'm going to get a new rug out there in the sun room/balcony (I still don't know what to call it after almost 4 years!) Those green tiles came from my mum's church of all places and there's a gap in front of the windows for a purpose. Living up a hill opposite the sea takes a toll on the double glazing and our windows leak something fierce when we have a storm, which lately is every damn day, so it needs to be mop-able. But anyway, back to the mat - I want something a bit foxy in there for outfit photos, maybe a nice zebra print rug.

Have a lovely Saturday!

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