Fatshion Feb day 23 - Turkish Delight

Happy Sunday campers!

I hope you're having a good weekend? I called this outfit Turkish Delight because of the pink and pinky purple shades in my coat and bag.

What is this about?!

Here's a photo of my make up.

We took these photos at Pett Level beach, which is about 30 mins drive from us. There's always something new to see. This time there'd been a landslip and a few trees had fallen off the edge of the cliff and started turning into driftwood. I have some more photos of the surroundings for another day. The beach had obviously been hit by the recent storms and there was work going on to shore up the sea defences.

Coat, sent to me by Bonmarché last year
Scarf, eBay
Panther brooch on coat, Sister Vintage
Dress, New Look Inspire (old.)
Bag, Just for 5 Pounds
Leggings, Very
Boots, Tesco

We had a walk on the sand, and my boots are smothered in it in these shots. It's the softest sand you've probably ever felt in the UK - it's like icing sugar, and it's brown. It's so weird. This part of the beach is so alien to any other coastline I've seen in SE England. You almost expect a T-Rex to come clomping through the trees on top of the cliffs. It's very Jurassic Park.

You might notice the things carved into the sandstone behind me in the photos. It's a very soft rock so seems to be the calling card of the slightly more patient graffiti artist!

The bag in this post seems to be sold out (although it wasn't when I checked about 2 days ago.) Bugger. I also bought one in yellow from Jfor5P recently, which I wore with the tropical Bonmarché dress outfit a couple of days ago. I really rate the stuff on Just For 5 Pounds.

Oh, this is day 11 of 14 black dress days now, I think. It's 1.30 am and I really need to get to bed!

Hope you're having a good day. Thanks for reading.

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