OMCZ 26 - Looking back - one year on

Hello pickles!

A year ago I tentatively asked to join my first ever fashion challenge - Outside My Comfort Zone. You might be surprised by this but I was so nervous I expected to be told I couldn't join because I was so new to plus size blogging at the time. (I used to blog about other things before changing the focus of my blog in late 2012.) It shows how far I've come in the year since then because now I'm in a few different fashion challenges and love them all, and more importantly I'm not quite so lacking in confidence. (Yes, me, really.)

Our first challenge was called Blazing Red, and was to involve a blazer and a pop of red. I didn't have a blazer then and I don't now. ;) Here's the brief for this fortnight's challenge.

My theme is looking back and I’d like us to all look back over the last 12 months since the challenge started and see how we have changed. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or 26th post in this challenge I think it’s be nice for all of us to look back and reflect on how we have changed in 12 months style wise. For those of us who did #OMCZ 1 you might like to share that post again and re-do the theme

I decided to inject some red into my outfit with the red coat from New Look which Mookie gave me recently.

Headscarf, eBay
Coat and dress (old) New Look
Wet look leggings, Miss Difusa
Shoes, Rocket Dog

The headscarf thing was a total accident. Truth be told I had greasy hair, grabbed a scarf, wrapped it around my head twice and tucked the ends in and TA-DAAAAAA!

Here are some photos of me looking adorable.

(Now here's the confusing bit - I'm doing Fatshion February which involves a fashion post each day of February. This constitutes day 12 of that because I'm not going to do TWO fashion posts today. As a part of FF I'm wearing the same black dress 14 ways, because I'm obviously a glutton for punishment, ha. This counts as day 6 out of 14 black dress days.)

Thanks for reading!

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