Fatshion Feb Day 6 - Be seen in green OOTD

Hello pickles!

I have a lovely jade green top on here from Asda, which I snapped up right after Christmas. I was shopping with my mum and step dad with Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket when I came across this bobby dazzler with its daisy burnout pattern. (See photo at the end with a close up of the pattern.) Oops, forgot to include the close up!

I found myself going round Asda clutching at everything green and constantly saying 'Green is going to be SO big next year!' I think my mum thought I was demented, and it illustrated how much of my time is taken up with fashion!

I'm wearing:
Top, Asda
Necklace, Sister Vintage (out of business it seems)
Jade bracelet, gift from my mumma
Belt, ASOS Curve
Skirt & shoes Simple Be - old

The top I'm wearing is a 24 and a very big 24 at that. When I picked it up and held it aloft my step dad said 'If that don't fit ya, girl.....' then trailed off as I gave him side eyes. Hahaha. I should hasten to add being called 'girl' at my age was welcome, so I'll let him off. ;)

Sister Vintage do a lot of really cheap jewellery so they're well worth checking out. They get new jewellery in all the time. I bought two necklaces about a week ago and they've already gone, so if you see something you like, get in there.

The belt from ASOS is almost corset-like - it's hard to manoeuvre in. Because the curve from the small of my back to my hips is so steep (it's like a black ski run, hahaha) it's impossible to get such a wide belt to fit me correctly - it doesn't quite sit right under my boobs or lower down towards my hips. It looks grand but if you have a big bubble bum like me it might make for an uncomfortable wear. It looks great but I'm always pleased to take it off, so maybe it's better for flatter tum/bum girls.

I'm almost menstrual, which is why I have a ghostly pallor about me. I used about a kilo of blush to try to make me look alive but it's not quite worked. Every month like clockwork a couple of days before I look like all the blood has been leached out of me. Maybe it's time to crack out the black and do something gothic to make the most of my just-drained-by-a-vampire pallor.

Thanks for reading.

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