Models Own goodies Part 1

Hello flowers!

When Models Own had their sale recently I bought a few things, and then I bought a few more. Seriously, when I'm pre-menstrual I'm not to be trusted with anything. I need to be locked up in a dark room with no access to the internet.

Anyhow, let's get onto the pretties, shall we?

I bought:

Juicy Jules - silver with holographic shimmer
Tropical Sun - golden orange
Disco Heaven - sparkly gold
Pink blush - errr pink?
Utopia - beige
Hot pink - what it says ;)

The two pink shades are very alike, with hot pink being just a tad darker. I have a thing for pink at the moment, well actually - all bright colours. Come on spring!

I will get some of these babies swatched in due course. (Seriously, you do not want to see my to-swatch basket. I nearly broke a wrist picking it up yesterday. It's definitely a two-hander.)

Did you get anything in the Models Own sale?

Are you a nightmare for buying things before your period? I've been monitoring other behaviours in myself when I'm due on for the last couple of years and have started to wonder if there isn't a bit of something else going on. I would describe it as manic behaviour. Lots of ideas, lots of energy (short lived, sadly!) wanting to do everything/spend everything/feeling like I'll burst if I don't get everything written down or done at once. Mmmmm, methinks a visit to the dreaded doctor might be in order.

Thanks for reading.

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