8 things I've learned from blogging

Hiya beauties!

It's a gorgeous day here and I hope the sun in shining where you are! :)

I've learned some things since I've been blogging and especially since I've been taking photos of my body. Let's get started, shall we?

1. Skater dresses/skirts really don't suit me, no matter how much I want them to. Unless someone creates a skater skirt with more length at the back to accommodate ladies like me whose bums eat up fabric, I'll forever be indecent in skater skirts. They're knee length at the front and above my bottom at the back. This is why.
All hail the bubble butt!

2. The blogging community - especially the plus size blogging community - is amazing, supportive, generous and kind. I've never felt a part of the beauty blogging world (even when this blog had more of a beauty focus) but I feel totally at ease in the plus size blogging community. That is down to the warmth of the lovely people I interact with.

3. Taking photos of my outfits for the blog has been a real eye opener. Before I started taking photos of the clothes I wear I'd focus on pieces of me I don't like, whereas now I look at myself as a whole and think 'You'll do!' I find that when I take photos of my outfits and look at myself like most other people do - from a slight distance - I see that although there are still bits of me I'm not so fond of, overall the bigger picture (so to speak!) is OK. All it needs is a little perspective.

4. I am utterly and ridiculously addicted to clothes and make up. What did I do with my time before? I have no idea!

5. Well-fitting clothes look better on me than baggy ones. Whoda thunk it?!

6. Being myself - truly - has been the best gift I've given to myself. Ever since I threw my worries out and decided to put my fat body out there on this blog, I've gained lots of followers and made some lovely friends. All along I was worried about what kind of blogger to be, when it was staring me in the face - literally! - just be myself. I get the confidence to be more and more myself on the blog all the time.

7. Comparisons to other people's bodies/blogs/lives are bad for us. I truly believe that if we learn to fall in love with ourselves we will be less inclined to compare ourselves/our blogs/our lives to that of other people. This blog post by someone far wiser than I puts it as simply as can be. If someone else's blog is fantastic, don't get down about it, think about new things you can try on your own blog. If someone else's life appears to be 'better' or more exciting than yours, remember the grass might look greener on the other side but we're only being shown the highlight reel, not behind the scenes.

Comparing ourselves is a masochistic exercise. I'm convinced that all the time we spend feeling crap about things we can't change could be well used working towards things we can achieve.

8. A pad and pen is the blogger's best friend. Great ideas come and go, so I try to capture them when inspiration strikes rather than trying to rely on my memory. If I wake up in the middle of the night with a really good idea I HAVE to get up and write it down or else I won't go back to sleep for hours. Having pages of ideas scribbled down is also handy if blogger's block strikes. I'm constantly planning what to do next and my notepad gives me loads of ideas.

What have you learned since you've been blogging?
Non bloggers - have you picked up any good tips from bloggers?

Thanks for reading!

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