#BEDM Day 4 - 5 favourite bloggers

Hiya all!

Today's Blog Every Day in May blog post is to pick my 5 favourite bloggers. Aaaaaarrgghhhh, I hate choosing, but I have to. I follow over 300 blogs so this is like asking me if I love my mum or dad more.

These are in random order as I think they're all chuffing amazing.

The Nearsighted Owl

Rachele is awesome, what else can I say? Cat mama, fat activist, she of rad hair do's, thrifter extraordinaire, Fat Bitch e-course creator, and all round lovely person.

Makeup Savvy

Fee posts the hot news on make up and beauty products and makes me spend lots of money. Glorious photos, hot tips and products to die for every day.

A dress is for life

Rachel has a passion for dresses and always has lots of lovely outfits to show you. Also, she's one of the nicest people going! I love our Twitter chats.

Betty Pamper

Betty is a 50's tinged retro hottie from the planet awesome. Expect lots of dresses to twirl in, make up tips and lots of other loveliness. She also sells rather fetching t shirts.

The Curved Opinion

Vicky does lots of opinion pieces which I really enjoy as they're always thought out and expressed brilliantly.

Thanks for reading!

Do you follow any of these bangin' babes?

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