#BEDM Day 7 - Pets

Hi all!

This is my third blog today. I posted 2 outfit posts today. I normally like to spread them a bit. Oops, my bad!

Currently, I have no pets. Our tenancy states 'no other living thing' other than ourselves. We are very happy here at the moment but we will be moving in a few years (when we have a deposit on our own house) so I can get two cats. I love all animals, especially cats and dogs. Hubby doesn't like dogs (BOOOOOO!) so cats it is then.

Here's my Tilly, who died just over 4 years ago.

She was the nicest cat - so affectionate. She was a proper lap cat. She used to live with me but then I went through a really transient phase for a number of years so my mum looked after her for me. I used to visit lots and she was always so pleased to see me. She wasn't aloof like some cats are, she was more like a dog. She was a real mummy's girl. Even though she didn't see me anywhere as often as my mum, she still liked me best. ;) She had a really loud and piercing meow. We used to have meow wars. I'd meow, then she'd meow back, and we'd go back and forth like that for ages. She hated wearing a collar but we persisted. Once she came hopping in with one leg caught up in the air because the little bugger had been trying to get it off and got her leg stuck. When it was night time and she'd been outside, she'd wait for someone to pass the front door on the way to the kitchen then bound up in the air past the glass in the door. All you'd see was green laser eyes shining in the dark. It used to scare the crap out of me. She wouldn't scratch at the door (there wasn't a cat flap), she'd just wait patiently for someone to pass the door.

If I dared buy a newspaper she'd jump on my lap straight away and stomp all over it. She liked to put her bum in my face when I was trying to have my tea. Charming! She used to drool all over me as she got older (she was in her late teens when she died) and hated having her mouth wiped but I still did it. My mum didn't like Tilly coming upstairs to bed with me but I used to sneak her in anyway, or she'd nut the door until I got up to let her in. I'm not sure why, because she used to use my boobs as her kneading area and liked sitting on my chest when I was trying to sleep. She loved climbing up on my shoulders and was quite happy for me to walk about with her like she was a pirate's parrot. I used to call her Tilly the parrot cat. She loved being brushed and she moulted everywhere. Because she had black, white and tortoiseshell fur she fuzzed up clothes of all colours. When I met James, he was seriously indifferent to her, which drove Tilly mad so she'd stomp all over me to get to him. Eventually she won him round. Even when she was sitting on James's lap, she had to be touching me. She'd reach one paw out and put it on my leg. She used to 'dob' me if she wanted attention. She'd poke me until I stopped what I was doing and fussed her. She was crazy for crab sticks. I'd wave them around in the air and she'd follow them with her eyes until I gave them to her.

When my mum rang me to say she'd had a massive fit and died on the settee next to her, I cried more than I did when my nan died. I still cry when I think about her. I don't think I'll ever have such a lovely cat again.

Have you loved and lost a pet? 

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