I get brow with a little help from my friends

Hi all!

Please excuse the hideous title of this post. I just couldn't help myself!

A couple of weeks ago - or was it a few? - time goes so fast - I was bemoaning on Twitter that my current eyebrow regime was no longer working and the brow powder I've been using for 2 years just wasn't cutting it any more. I think my brows have got slighter lighter and it was looking too fake. Gail of Gaily Gumdrops kindly offered to send me a Catrice eyebrow kit as a belated birthday present, which was very nice of her. Catrice is one of those brands you get in Ireland, but not in England - like Essence as well. God knows why but there ya go! Is it really that hard to ship it over the drink to us?! Anyway, I digress. Just a wee while later a package arrived for me and here we are!

The powder is slightly darker in real life.

This kit is so dinky but so good. It's housed in a sturdy and functional case. The top flips open to reveal a mirror and two shades of powder, which I'd describe as a light and dark ashy brown, similar to shades of coffee. In a tray underneath there is a tiny but extremely accurate set of tweezers and a double ended brush. At one end is a mini spoolie to comb your brows and at the other end is an angled brush to apply the powder with. I'm pleased to say these colours are a much better match for my brows and I'll do a make up post using them soon. I've been using this kit every day since it arrived and the chocolate was very yummy. Thanks Gail!

Do you fill your brows in?

Thanks for reading.

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