Quick look - Sleek MakeUP goodies

Hello earthlings!

I've got some Sleek MakeUP beauties to share with you soon. This is just a sneak peek - I'm going to do posts with lots of swatches all next week and call it 'Sleek Week.' I know, SO original! ;)  Here's what I have to show you:

2 i-Divine 12 eyeshadow palettes
4 True Colour lipsticks
1 Lip4 lip palette
1 Eau La La eyeliner

This amount of goodies comprises of 2 orders I made and 4 lipsticks from my birthday.

I'm a huge fan of Sleek. Everything they do is such good quality for any price, let alone the tiny prices they charge. Lipsticks are £4.99, 12 shadow eye palettes are £7.99, the lip4 palettes are £8.99 and the eyeliners are £4.99.

Keep your eyes peeled next all week if you want to see the goodies.

Thanks for reading!

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