Blog every day in May days 1 & 2

Hiya pickles!

I've joined a fab blogging challenge.

Elizabeth at Rosalilium has created a fab blogging challenge for May with a topic for every day. Some of the topics include 'day in the life', 'first job', 'music love' and 'secret talent'. It's going to be so good!

Here's a few details from Elizabeth:

Are you a Blogger? Do you ever suffer from Writer’s Block? Do you sometimes get into a bit of a Blog Rut? Do you need to freshen up your Blog with new content? Well, you might just want to get involved with my Blog Every Day in May challenge. For one whole month, every single day I will give you a new topic for you to blog about. Yep, that is 31 days worth of blog posts. Phew! That sounds like a lot, eh? But it’s totally do-able.

Finally, how will YOU be tackling the challenge? You can be as straightforward or as creative as you like. The aim of the game is to interpret the topics in YOUR own way. It’s all about finding your voice, finding your inspiration and finding your audience. Here are a few examples of how you might want to interpret and share about each daily topic:

  • Write
  • Photograph
  • Illustrate
  • Video
  • Collage
  • Bullet points
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Rap
  • Mind map
  • Get your cat to write it
  • Anything at all!
I wish I had a cat to write for me!

Day 1 - May 1st - 5 lines

Introduce yourself or sum yourself up in just 5 lines. Include a photograph that you are proud of.

I was born in Kent and live in East Sussex.
I have been with my husband for 10 years, married for one.
I would like two cats, a dog, black and white checked tiles in my kitchen and a pink cherry blossom tree in my garden.
The smell of overripe bananas makes me feel physically ill.
I love doing laundry but hate ironing - we don't even have an ironing board!

 Day 2 - May 2nd - Spring is here

What is your favourite thing about Spring? What plans do you have to enjoy it?

I LOVE Spring! It cheers me up so much. I adore cherry blossom trees and they've all come into bloom - yay. Everywhere I go there are flowers, and flowers make me smile. The following photos are mine. I love buying flowers to photograph them.

We plan on going to the park this weekend to take in the cherry blossom trees, and I love walks and drives at this time of year. I prefer it slightly chilly rather than hot so spring and autumn are my favourite seasons.

Will you be joining in with the 31 day challenge? Click here to find out more.

Thanks for reading!

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