#BEDM Day 29 - Morning ritual

Hiya all!

Today's post is about my morning ritual.

Tell us about what you do every morning to help you get ready for the day ahead.

I apologise in advance - this is going to be a boring post. I don't keep regular hours like normal people. Sometimes I'm asleep by 7pm (like tonight) to rise again after an hour, and sometimes I'm awake till 5, 6, maybe 7am.

Mornings (or afternoons!) aren't the best time for me. Once every couple of months I'll get one of those glorious days where I wake up refreshed, have a good, satisfied stretch and think 'I wonder what today brings?!' I know when one of these days happens because I get about 10 times as much done as usual! ;) Normally I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. That's Fibromyalgia for you!

However, whatever time I get up there are things I do when I get up - all pretty mundane things, I'm afraid! Have a wee, clean my teeth, wash my hair and have a wash. Breakfast should be on the menu straight away, but as I have the attention span of a poorly gnat, sometimes I don't eat until tea time. If I do remember to eat I have porridge and fruit, scrambled egg on toast or a smoothie for breakfast. Then I hit emails while I eat and do a bit of housework. The laundry pile never ends. I don't know how any of you with kids do it - there's just two of us and the washing machine is on almost every day. I seem to be constantly dealing with laundry - retrieving James's discarded clothes from every room of the flat, washing laundry, drying it, folding it, putting it away. I don't iron, or else I think I'd be dealing with laundry most of the day. Bah, life's too short. Just rescue things from the tumble drier or air dry them and there's usually no need. The only thing I'm tempted to iron (if I had an ironing board) is bedding. I'm a bit anal about wanting crisply ironed bedding. Maybe I will get an ironing board....I've got two irons, after all!

Do you have a morning routine or do you just bob about getting things done in a random order?

Thanks for reading!

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