Outside My Comfort Zone 7 - Geek OOTD

Hiya pickles!

It's OMCZ time again, and this fortnight's challenge was picked by Gail, who chose geek as the theme. Click photos to enlarge.

Cardi, Simply Be (I think, past season) via eBay
T shirt, gift from a friend (a few years ago)
Skirt, Simply be (old)

We were talking on Twitter (Steph, Gail and I) about geeky things and I nearly did a dance when I remembered I have my original 1990s Gameboy...except could I find it? Could I hell! Oops.

So I went with big glasses, pigtails, a cardi (all good geeks love a cardi), my phone and a George R R Martin book as my geeky things. I have no waist nor feet in these photos, but hey ho, they'll come back for another day.
How would you do geek chic?

Thanks for peeking!

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