A mixed review - Soap & Glory Flake Away

Hiya lovelies.

I'm a big fan of Soap & Glory, but let it be said I'm not such a fan of this scrub.

I recently got through a whole tub of the Breakfast Scrub, which I didn't review because I wanted a frame of reference to compare it to. Now I have one.

Flake Away makes my skin feel absolutely great, but it's not pleasant to use. I don't know if I got a duff pot, but it clung to my body like an MP to a free bar. It just wouldn't wash away, even with direct spray from the shower head. OK, I thought, I'll scrub it off with a flannel. Nope. I spent three times as long as usual in the shower and still felt like I'd been rolling around in a gravel pit.

'Have we got any sandpaper handy?'

Needless to say I didn't crack out the sandpaper, but I did scrub myself with a flannel, then a towel, and I still had some scrub left on me to attend to whilst I was drying.

Now there's the matter of surfing the bath tub. This stuff is more slippery than David Cameron in a jelly wrestling contest. If you have balance issues or an aversion to paramedics, for the love of Jaysus use this product with caution! Being serious for a moment, I nearly fell over several times because the oil in the scrub lifted the bath mat suction pads away from the bottom of the bath. In the end I had to grab a towel, throw it into the bath and stand on it, get the oiliness off my feet then gingerly step out of the bath, fully expecting to slip and break my vag bone on the side of the bath. Because I have balance issues and falls are really problematic to my pain levels because of Fibromyalgia, there's no way I can use this again. I like my cleanliness sans a dash of broken arse.

However, if you don't mind imagining you're on a wave in Oahu while you're in the shower, this scrub will leave your skin beautifully soft and well moisturised, so it's not a total loss.

I'm going to repurchase the Breakfast Scrub, refresh my memory, then review it for you. It's a bit good.

Have you ever diced with death in the shower? Ever nearly been suffocated by a shower puff or ended up with a bath duck in an unwanted orifice?

Have you tried this scrub? 

Thanks for reading!

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