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Hiya lovelies!

It's been a while since I've posted a make up look. I did some make up on Saturday and it just came out great. Most of the time I apply make up and know what I'm going to get, but occasionally there are angels at my fingertips and some magic happens.

Saturday was the day for me, so I'm going to spam you with my face. My eyebrows (the bane of my life!) came out great, my eyes looked sparkly and aside from the horror of going a bit buck wild with the blusher, I looked in the mirror afterwards and said to my hubby 'You could've done worse! I scrub up all right!' Of course he had his head stuck in the computer, so I was talking to myself, but you can't win 'em all! ;)

There are some colours which really bring out the hazel in my eyes - burgundy, purple, and grey. I've used Gunmetal by Urban Decay on and off for years, but I haven't reached for it for a long time - perhaps as long as a year. I don't know why, because it makes my eyes look fantastic.

I used: (CF denotes cruelty free.)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer in Lemon Drop - CF
Virgin - shimmery nude, from the Urban Decay Naked palette - inner corner highlight/brow highlight - CF
Gunmetal - grey, from the Urban Decay Naked palette - lid - CF
Creep - black, from the Urban Decay Naked palette - outer corner, blended slightly up and out - CF

Avon Spectralash mascara
Barry M black gel eyeliner pencil - CF

Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage foundation
Famous shimmer brick in Pink (old stock, before they relaunched) CF as far as I know (made by the same people as MUA)
Catrice brow kit - CF

The Avon products were bought before I knew Avon test on animals by law (for sale in China) and I look forward to using them up and buying cruelty free alternatives. I'm really pissed off because the Avon foundation is the best one I've ever had, but I won't be buying it again. The mascara is shit - clumpy and horrible. You'd be best off to avoid it.

I made the decision to try to go cruelty free almost a year ago. I'm not going to say it was easy, and I'm not going to pretend I'm happy with every product in my household - not by a long shot. I'm not used to second guessing myself at every turn, and navigating the bullshit that different companies put out to try to mask the fact they still test on animals is like knitting with water - but it is worthwhile.

I've gotten so caught up in bargains I've bought things and later regretted it when I've realised they're not cruelty free. I have a huge stockpile of make up and toiletries to work through. The money is already spent and I'm not in the position to throw everything out and start again. A lot of my make up choices were accidentally cruelty free ones (I've always been an Urban Decay addict) but I'm finding it harder to remember to check toiletries. I've always been far more discriminating about what I put on my face than what I put on my body plus I get gifted a huge amount of toiletries at Christmas - it's my family's thing. What do I do then?! Accept and donate out to save my conscience, or shrug and say at least I didn't spend money on a dodgy company so hey ho? I'm not sure what is moral. Maybe asking for vouchers is the safest option in future?

Get onto cleaning products I use around the house and I'm pretty sure almost none of them are cruelty free. That's a good excuse for using natural cleaning products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, and then there are less crappy chemicals for me to breathe in as well.

Even a year on, it's baby steps, and in as much as I feel guilty for not doing better already, I feel some small comfort from trying to change my ways. I've still got a long way to go - I can imagine some people stay oblivious because information can be conflicting and it can be like trying to see black and white in a sea of grey. It's daunting. I have a plan to deal with the toiletries situation - Aldi don't test any of their own label make up/toiletries/cleaning products on animals (plus it's cheap, yay!) so I'll go on a major stocking up mission so next time I run out of something, I don't even have to think about choices. Superdrug don't test any of their own label stuff on animals, neither do the Co-Op or Tesco (on own label products.) It's just a case of changing habits and not picking up things willy nilly. I'll get there with a bit of forward planning. If I had a cat or dog the thought of them being taken off and having shampoo squirted into their eyes or their fur shaved off and bleach rubbed into them repeatedly I'd feel sick to my stomach. It's no different with rabbits or rats - they're still sentient beings. I look forward to a world where nothing is tested on animals - there's so much which can be done, for example in vitro testing.

Do you mind if things are tested on animals?

Thanks for reading!

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