My top 3 Elvis songs

Hi pickles!

I was lying in bed the other night thinking about my fave Elvis songs, and then I thought 'Does anyone who reads my blog even know I like Elvis? Does anyone NOT like Elvis?!'

These are the things I churn over when I'm trying to sleep.

I was brought up on a diet of Elvis, Dolly Parton, The Everly Brothers, Rod Stewart and lots of other stuff like that.

In no particular order, my top 3 Elvis songs. I suprised myself by not picking the more rock n' roll songs, although I love those too.

I love the way he freaks out at about the 5 mins 30 mark, and I'm a fan of all the hip-swivelling.

The notes he hits when he sings the 'Glory, glory Hallelujah' bit in the next song bring tears to my eyes. I'm a big soppy bugger.

Are you a fan of Elvis? What would be your top 3?

Thanks for looking!

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