#BEDM Day 16 - Pampering

Hello loves!

Today's thing to talk about is pampering. What is your ideal way to pamper yourself and relax?

Well, I relax every evening with my feet up on a footstool, a cuppa by my side and my laptop in front of me whilst I read blogs. 

I read all kinds of blogs - beauty blogs, fat acceptance blogs, fashion blogs, craft blogs, nail blogs, opinion blogs. I'm subscribed to about 400 blogs and spend at least a couple of hours a day reading them. It's like reading dozens of little magazines. If I like the writer, it doesn't really matter what they write about, although I do like lots of pretty pictures to look at as well. I peer over the top of the laptop and kinda watch tv at the same, although it all goes in one ear and out of the other while I'm immersed in blogs.

I don't have a schedule or a regular day for pampering. The kind of things I do to pamper myself are face masks, doing my nails, giving myself a head to toe body scrub, and recently I did fake tan. I tend to do pampering when I remember - for instance, if I spot the face mask in the bathroom cabinet while I'm cleaning my teeth, or if my skin is looking really dry and I need a boost of moisture. 

There's probably a lot more I could do in the way of pampering, but there's only so much time in the day.

What's your idea of a good pamper? How do you relax?

Thanks for reading.

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