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Today we have a guest post from Nat. 


This week I am doing a guest post for the lovely Leah whilst she is on holiday, hopefully having a relaxing time!

One Sunday evening (back in April to be exact!) during PS Bloggers chat we were tweeting about the perils of finding skirts and dresses to fit our bubble butts.

Yep, you heard it right, BUBBLE BUTT. I for one had never heard of the term before! I was also overjoyed to find someone else who had a bum like mine - quite plump, with a little ledge and just beautiful!

It can sometimes be a pain finding trousers, skirts etc to fit, if I wear a skater skirt the front is by knees (perfect) and the back is halfway up my thighs because of the ‘ledge’. If I were to bend over it would be a case of hello there M&S knickers!

If you are a fellow bubble butt, here are some of my favourite picks to accentuate that good ol' junk in the trunk!

BESPOKE fit Jeans from Fashion World
Made for the curvier bottom... oh yeah!

Inspire Blue Ditsy Print Belted Midi Skirt

And here is a picture of my very own BB for your viewing pleasure! hee hee

Much Love



You can read Nat's blog here.

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