Guest blog - Underwear Woes

Today we have a guest post from Beverly.

You know what I love? Boy short undies! You know what I hate? BOY SHORT UNDIES! Am I the only plus size gal who has issues with finding the right panties that don't look ridiculous, serve their purpose AND make me feel sexy? Please tell me I'm not. I'm a size 18/20 and I used to shop exclusively at Lane Bryant for my underoos, actually, I still do. For years and years I'd buy their "string bikini's" they served the purpose, and were cute because they had a lot of different patterns and colors but did they make me feel sexy? Good God no! If you're familiar with string bikinis and are plus size you probably already know why. My, ahem, larger belly sticks out from under the triangular panel of fabric in the front and therefore leaving me feeling like an un-sexy idiot. I had bought two pairs of boy short style in the past but never really gave them a shot, until a few months ago when I noticed that LB seemed to no longer be carrying the string bikini styles, only thongs, boy shorts and the "granny panties". "Roh Roh Raggy! I better get comfortable wearing something new!" I thought to myself. Thong? No way, not comfortable. Maybe when I was 20 and on the prowl for my next sexual encounter but now that I'm married and a mom they just aren't practical. Granny panties? Ummm.... no. while I hear they are "coming back in style" I just cant' do it. So, Boy shorts it was!

I dug those two pairs I had bought in the past out of my lady pants drawer and dusted them off. I put one pair on and instantly fell in love! Why did I not fall in love the first go around? The cut was perfect and the fabric covered all of my tummy! I actually went pant less a few evenings before bed because I felt SEXY and I didn't feel ashamed of the fat peeking through because there was none to peek! Glorious, the next day I put the other pair and and it was night and day. HATED this pair! Why? Although they covered the area I had the problem with and I still felt sexy the rode up my bahookie during the day and I don't like that feel, another reason I didn't go with the thongs in the first place. I did some research, and by research I mean I held the two pair up side by side to see why the second pair left me feeling violated. AH HA! The first pair had some thicker fabric lining around the area my legs go through and essentially keeping them in place all day, the second pair just had a hemline going on in that area thus there was nothing keeping them in place so they rode up!

I am now on the quest of finding boy shorts with the extra lining around the leg areas that aren't Lane Bryant! I used to purchase all these type of products from the sale table because while I may be fat I don't think spending $5 for one pair of undies is appropriate. Does anyone else have any of the problems I've outlines above? What are your favorite type of panty and where do you purchase?


You can find Beverly's blog here. Trigger warning - diet talk. Beverly's blog is primarily weight loss but she has recently discovered the body acceptance movement. She says "The basis [of my blog] is still weight loss with body acceptance sprinkled on top."

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