Winter warmers*

Hello lovelies.

The nights are drawing in and the wind is howling round my windows in the evening more often than not, so all I can think about is cosying up on the sofa with my Kindle and some comfy clothes and slippers on. I'm still undecided about which winter warmers I might buy to help me stay warm and possibly save some money on the heating bills, too.

I have a yen for cosy dressing gowns to wear over my pyjamas (or even over clothes to save on heating bills) and this one looks particularly snuggly.

From Yours Clothing

Pyjamas are something I long to get into after a shower or wash after my tea, and for me they have to have full length trousers and sleeves to be comfy and cosy. This set is also hooded so that's a bonus!

From Yours Clothing

I haven't worn a nightie for a long time because I prefer a really long one, and I hadn't seen any really cute ones recently. Anyone who's a regular reader of my blog will know I have a love affair for all things leopard print so this nightshirt is a dream! This nightie in particular comes in sizes up to an 8X. Brilliant, or what? I love my nightwear really loose and I love knowing this option is there.

From Roamans.

When it comes to slippers I have the same taste as I do in shoes - Mary Jane styles or ballerina flats. These ones below are probably the cutest slippers I've ever seen!

From Roamans.

In the past I have sometimes relied on outdoor wear indoors when it gets bitingly cold. The bills are forecast to go up by about another 10% this winter, so if I'm going to look silly indoors, I may as well do it in style, eh?

From Peacocks

I love these gloves as I could use them as fingerless gloves when I'm using the laptop (I suffer with numb hands a lot in winter) and then when I go out I could fold the flaps over to turn them into mittens.

From Peacocks

How are you planning on keeping warm this autumn/winter?

Do you like anything you see here?

Thanks for reading.

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