Holiday post - where we stayed


I'd be a totally rubbish blogger if I didn't make some kind of reference to my holiday, wouldn't I? ;) There'll be a couple more holiday posts coming throughout the week. This one is mainly about where we stayed for the week.

We stayed at a holiday park (link) with lodges in woodland near Weymouth in Dorset. My mum and step dad treated us to this holiday, which was lovely. All we had to do was provide our own spending money.

Outside seating//one of the 2 sofas in the lounge//dining area
Mum in the kitchen//the beds in our room (we pushed them together)//the corner bath
Deer roamed the park//view from my bed//watching Pointless from our cluttered corner of the room

The accommodation was really nice and spacious and is actually one of the smaller lodges available on the park. There were 3 bedrooms, a large corner bath with shower over, a large lounge/dining room/kitchen and an outside area to sit. There were loads of trees on the park - pine, silver birch, horse chestnut, and probably more. Our car got smothered in pine needles and by the end of the week loads of leaves had blown into the lodge, which was quite nice as I love Autumn.

There were only 2 drawbacks with being in a rural location surrounded by trees - it was terribly damp and you could smell it (when I stripped the bedding off to save the cleaners the job at the end of the week my pillow had mould on it - eek!) and there was totally SHIT phone and wifi signal. I could barely do anything online at all from the lodge. The husband unit was bored brainless without the internet and almost lost the will to live! :)

Hubby with the pine needle smothered car//our lodge//mum and the stairs down to it
Glorious setting//Bodger the friendly badger//mum waiting to be let in//looking for wildlife

One of the highlights of the week was being visited by a badger. We saw him the first night looking around outside the door to the cabin, so we left things like bread, meat and potatoes out for him and he came back every night afterwards. At first he came at around midnight, but he got earlier and earlier (but still after dark) as he knew he had a guaranteed meal from us. One night he arrived before we'd put food out and he looked through the door glass as if to say 'Come on!' Mum went out there with some scraps and he ran away, but she spoke to him gently and he came towards her. He was no more than 2 feet away from her at this point.

None of us had ever seen a live badger (we'd all seen plenty of dead ones) and it was wonderful to watch. The best bit was when mum put some beans and potatoes out which my step dad had left. The badger scraped the beans off the plate with his claws and ate them from the decking. It was adorable to watch. On the last night we had a takeaway and there were a lot of chips left over (as you can see in the photo above) which he wasn't a fan of at all (neither were we, they were bloody horrible!) I think he's probably used to being fed by holiday makers which is why he wasn't too afraid of my mum.

It was also lovely when we saw deer near the cabin too. Hubby saw one outside through the window he called devil deer because it looked super aggressive and had some mean looking antlers, but the ones I saw were very much Bambi!

I've got another holiday OOTD to share as well as some photos and a 'what we did' post as well. I'll spread them out amongst other posts this week so I don't bore everyone rigid!

Thanks for reading.