September in photos

Hello lovelies!

I'm not sure how popular these posts are, or if anyone is interested? I guess it depends how many of you follow me on Instagram and have seen these already? Let me know in the comments if you love or leave these kind of posts.

There are no holiday photos in here as they'll be in a separate post. 

Foggy sunset//tree lined street//gothing it up
My fave treat//a rare occasion of having my hair up//woodland walk
Walk//new stationery//NOTD

Present from the bestie in Canada//pasta//Alex unit from Ikea to store my make up in
Hubby putting the Alex together//the completed unit//little C wearing my scarf
My fizzog//sunset//flying free

Kale smoothie//annnnnother sunset//scrubbed up well
After my undercut trim//yum chocolate from my dad//pasta n pesto
Sunset//feeling crap//a tweet from Robert Llewellyn about driverless electric cars

By the way, I haven't done a post about my Alex unit yet because I need some small internal storage to help me tidy it up. Once I've done that I'll do a post - possibly a video post - about it.

I love looking at other people's Instagram photos. I have a bit of an addiction, actually!

Thanks for peeking.

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